• AlanaG

30 Day Photography Challenge

Today I embarked on a new adventure, #30dayphotographychallenge

When I decided to do this, I was hoping for inspiration. I feel like I lost that somewhere in the past couple of years. Many that know me might disagree, but much like writers feel like they have writer's block, I felt like I had a photography block. Everything was the same. I wasn't truly content or satisfied with any of it and I started to feel lost.

Well, I immediately received the inspiration I set out for from the first photo I took. I'm only on Day 1 of the challenge. Obstacle: Self Portrait. To my amazement, I've never done one with my camera. Sure, I'm queen of taking selfies with my camera on my phone, but setting the camera up with the timer and making sure I got the lighting how I wanted was a little daunting. Actually to my shock, being infront of the actual camera was a lot scarier initially than I imagined. I do livestreams almost on a daily basis and I've been modeling since I was a child so I didn't think I'd get camera shy. WRONG! I've decided to post the series of photos. First, I hope you notice that from the get-go I didn't want to actually look at the camera. Then I took a moment of quiet reflection for myself and talked to myself the same way I would talk to my models. I relaxed. I let go. I realized I'd never get a good shot unless I did that. Then I got artsy and had fun. I played with my hands and moved the light around. I composed a shot that conveyed how I felt. That the photography didn't need me as a human to speak, it spoke for itself. I've felt restrained. No longer.

Day 1 and I'm already finding a renewed energy. I rediscovered that one of the main elements that has always inspired me so much is music. I pull a lot of my creativity from there and dance. The poetic movement of the body. I love to capture that along with the emotion that portrays. I like to think of my photography much like the offspring of music and dance. To me there's this real and soft beauty that lies within it. If you look hard enough you'll find a piece of yourself in there.

Now I've reached out to my community. Out there on the magical world of social media. I've asked for music that inspires people. I've listened to the music in all the responses I've received. I've heard so many beautiful new pieces of music. So many new stories. So many new paths for me to explore.

I hope I grow through this challenge. I hope I learn as much as I can. I hope someone enjoys it.

Day 2 is to photograph What I Wore. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear or how I'm going to photograph it, but isn't that part of the fun?