• AlanaG

#30DayPhotoChallenge Day 14 Eyes

Oh my! Today certainly tested my resolve. I want to first say that today beginning to end was a full day of photography for me. I started the day off with a meeting about the Anime Boston Photography Team. I love this team so much and I'm so excited to see the future of it and be a part of it. Next, I had my mentoring session with Brooke Shaden and the other four talented women chosen by her. It was once again super inspiring and empowering. It's great to get such insightful constructive criticism. I can't wait to put it into motion. I'm planning on re-branding myself and working on elevating my self-esteem. I think we can all use a bit of that.

Then came the photo challenge...

Now for those that may not know me, my favorite feature to photograph is the eyes. So I was pumped about this challenge. I photographed three different sets of eyes today. I want to thank Mathew and Katilynn for volunteering to help with that. I also used my own.

I love photographing the eyes because alone without any other features, they can still tell a story. They can still convey an emotion. I think the photos I took will show that.

My biggest obstacle today was actually my equipment. It was devastating and embarrassing. No matter what I did, my camera wouldn't allow me to take a photo. I changed all my settings multiple times, changed the lenses, did a factory reset, adjusted the lighting and flash, turned it on and off multiple times. I even did multiple Google searches. It took me over 30 minutes to get it to take a photo and it wasn't even what I wanted it to take and it would only shoot on automatic settings. That doesn't work for me. So, to fix it in manual mode I had to shoot from across almost the entire room. I've been discovering recently the limitations of my equipment.

Regardless, as a true artist should, I perserveered and achieved.

Let me know what you think. :)

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