• AlanaG

#30DayPhotoChallenge Day 13 Something You Can't Live Without

Today's challenge had me stumped. There was a crazy list of thoughts that went through my head when I was confronted with this challenge. The first thing I thought of was my cell phone. Quickly I shot that idea down because while I know I'm VERY attached to it, I know I can live without it. So I turned to my next thought which was way more realistic. I feel like I can't live without love or passion. The truth is though that while I believe this to be true, there isn't a photo that can express those feelings enough for me and if I were to photograph it, I should take the time to really plan that photo out and give it the care that it would really need.

So, I moved on to the next idea. I felt like I could've gone literal with it. I thought things literal like food or air.

Which leads me to my choice. I went with something no living creature can live without. Something that is powerful and commands attention. Something magical and transparent.

I chose....


I've honestly been wanting to photograph water. I love it! Not just drinking it, but I love oceans, lakes, baths, babbling brooks. The list could go on. So, how could I not seize this opportunity?!?!?

I decided to create a look that was cold and involved multiple transparent items. I hope you enjoy!

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