• AlanaG

#30DayPhotoChallenge Day 3 Clouds

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Today's challenge has taught me about variables. I live in New England. It's November. The weather is often unpredictable and the sunlight is limited this time of year. So let me set this up for you. Most of the day today there was total cloud cover. Sounds great for this challenge, right? NOT REALLY. It was that gray continuous cloud sort. The one where there was no real distinction between where it begins and ends. Totally makes for captivating photos. I hope my sarcasm is coming through.

No worries. I trucked my voluptuous behind out in the the frigid cold because there was an adventure to be had. With my patient boyfriend/master of the tripod in tow we headed out in Titanium (my over-inflated name for my little Hyundai). I was determined to incorporate water into the shot so I headed to India Point. In route we found ourselves on a hill caught in traffic. We looked to our right and there was a break in the clouds with the sun peaking through. Hands down one of my favorite things to see normally anyway. I decided to seize the moment. I threw my hazzards on and pulled over. I remembered when I was setting up the shot all the advice I was given about taking these photos of the clouds. One of my favorites was the idea to use sunglasses if I didn't have a filter. This was such a great and innovative idea and it worked. My favorite photo from the day comes from this exact technique. You'll see that soon.

Now, back to that thing I started talking about. VARIABLES.

So...on top of the ever changing clouds, we need to consider the clouds are blocking the light of the sun and every time it peaks out a little more or a little less it throws off the settings I've selected. This makes things really fun. Makes you feel like you know absolutely nothing about photography WHATSOEVER.

So, here I am on the side of the road freezing in my Beginner's Photography 101 Class and I've decided I've done my best. I've played around with my settings from one end of the spectrum to the other without being able to really see what I've shot because I'm looking directly into the sun burning my retinas. It's time to continue on.

After more traffic and now the fear setting in that I'm going to lose my light altogether I finally arrive at the park. We get there and being on the water at this time of year has the most beautifully expedient way to chill you to the bone in seconds. I'm now quickly trying to find my location where I want to set up to capture the very dark gray cloud cover and take the photo. I will be honest here. I just wanted to get this challenge done at this point. Everything about the learning process was kicked 300 style out the window, or into the pit or whatever. I took three photos and ran back to the car.

Then I looked quickly at what I had shot. I was surprised. Was it worthy of some kind of award? No. It was something I was proud of though because it was better than I thought I could do.

Now, as I'm sitting here at my house reviewing my very few landscape photography photos from the past I realize I've done a decent amount with clouds and I totally have overthinked this challenge. So as a bonus feauture of this particular installment, I'm going to attach photos I didn't take today. They do involve clouds but that wasn't the main focus when I took the photo but it does enhance the overall photograph. It makes me realize how every aspect of a photo can make or break it.

Clouds are so magical and I'm glad I got to play with them and chase them today. I've learned a lot about myself in this process so far. I've learned that sometimes you need to get out of your head and not overthink things. Just do what you feel and what you love. Maybe next time I'll be more successful because I know I can actually do it. I may revisit this one.

I hope you enjoyed this.

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