• AlanaG

#30DayPhotoChallenge Day 5 After Dark

Today's challenge made me the happiest so far. Like no joke, brought me to tears. I've struggled with night photography for as long as I can remember. So figuring it out today meant more to me today that I can find the words to say. All I find myself wanting to do now is finding the most beautiful landscape and photographing the night sky as the backdrop for beautiful rocks or mountains or whatever I can find. NEVER did I think this would be me.

New mission, find RV and travel to fulfill these dreams.

So, I just did this photography right from my balcony. No fuss. Set up my tripod and had a starting point that was a little too bright so I just adjusted my ISO a little lower and BAM! I was the happiest I could be. I then also incorporated Mat into the shots to see if I could learn how to get a closer object along with the backdrop well lit. This definitely was an added obstacle. I couldn't see as it was dark and both trying to focus my lens manually or even trying to have my lens auto focus was proving to be extremely difficult. You couldn't see Mat until after the photo was actually taken. Also, I haven't quite learned composite photography yet. I still try to do mostly everything in the camera so this makes things a lot more challenging, but I'm happy with a shot I got of him.

I wish that I had a different location that allotted for me to not have telephone wires and such but I plan on continuing with this type of photography and thus getting better locations. This was so much fun and fulfilled such a dream for me. I love these photographs that I produced and I hope you do as well. Stars are super brilliant, majestic, and magical to me. It was thrilling to finally have them show up in my photos.

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Tomorrow's challenge is Obsession.