• AlanaG

#30DayPhotoChallenge Day 9 Someone You Love

This many days into the challenge and I'm now noticing how familiarized I've become with my camera and what settings I need to use in almost any condition I've encountered thus far. This is heavenly. Being able to figure things out so quickly and just focus on actually getting things done is truly a blessing.

For today's challenge I found that the real obstacle was my semi-willing subject, Mathew. While he is super supportive of this endeavor of mine and every night while I write my blogs he sits nexts to me and hears me out with all my thoughts, he's always apprehensive in front of the camera. I get it. It's daunting and you never really know how you look to someone else. I get like that sometimes too. Needless to say he ran out as quick as he could.

I chose to photograph Mat because we've been together now for over 4 years and while we've been through both good and bad, our love has seemed to persevered through it all.

I've really enjoyed learning so much. I hope you enjoy today's photographs.

Tomorrow's Challenge: Childhood Memory