• AlanaG

#30DayPhotoChallenge Days 10 & 11 Childhood Memories and Something Blue

I've combined Days 10 & 11 because after I photographed the Childhood Memories challenge I realized that it also fit for the Something Blue challenge. I hated what I was trying to photograph that was Something Blue. (So you don't feel left out, the something blue was my eyes.) I couldn't seem to get them in focus. I also think being sick doesn't help this. I'm posting only one image. I've decided to accompany it with a story.

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my grandmother's house. My grandmother was a woman of routine. She did the same thing everyday at the same time. Every morning she started her day turning 2 -3 dials on this small globe that she had that told the date. I watched her do it time and again.

When she passed away, each family member was allowed to pick one thing of her's that they wanted. I picked that little keepsake. It was something she touched everyday. Something that many people in my family probably wouldn't even know.

I never changed the date from the last date she changed it. It's sat on my shelf for years collecting dust. I look at it often but don't want to dust it. It feels like I would be wiping part of her away. Also, the dust reminds me of how long ago she passed and that she's still missed and yet I'm still going on.

This one is for you Gram. Je t'aime.

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