• AlanaG

Great tricks for beauty shots

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

How to get the right look and feel for each photograph you take.

I'm often told that people feel uncomfortable modeling because they simply just don't know what to do infront of the camera. My solutions to this are short and simple.

Forget the Camera

This may sound crazy because it's a photoshoot right?!?! Yeah, but everyone gets in their head about this inanimate object infront of them and what it's about to do. Forget it. Pay attention to the person behind the camera. Focus on them and only them. Have fun! Laugh, talk, dance, be goofy. Believe it or not, these often times lead to the best photos.

Practice Makes Perfect

Heard this one a million times? Well, that's because it's true. PRACTICE! Do it often. Take selfies. Have friends and family take your photo. Stare in the mirror trying different poses and faces. Try so many different things. Find photos that captivate you and try to recreate them. Also, try to come up with at least five completely different emotions that you can convey with facial expressions. This will go a long way.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Now, I don't mean do anything that goes against your morals and what you stand for. What I DO mean is try something that scares you. You'll learn much from this.

Get Inspired

Feel what you're doing. Get into it and emerse yourself in it. Seriously. Whatever is going on outside the shoot no longer matters. Be the character you're portraying. If there isn't a character, create one. Find something that inspires you and try to achieve that same thing.


This is something that seems to be something that many people forget in the moment. Lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography. Find the light.

Know Your Angles and Features

Bring a leg forward and separate your legs a little bit. This will give a flattering shape to the body. Turn your head to the side slightly. Don't press your chin down and give yourself a double-chin.

So, those are some of my tips. I hope that they help. Happy Shooting!